SEV American College (SAC)

In 2014, SEV American College (SAC) opened its doors to students for the first time. With a current student body of 308, the school aims to increase this number to 600 by 2018.

SAC is the newest entrant to the family of schools founded in the mid-19th century by the American Board. Like other American Board schools in Turkey, SAC is governed by the Health and Education Foundation (SEV), a Turkish non-profit foundation. Students can enter SAC from SEV Middle School or through the nationally administered entrance exam taken at the end of grade 8.

The academic program at SAC is rigorous and is designed to prepare students for universities both inside and outside of Turkey. Instruction for mathematics, science and English classes is conducted in English, while Turkish language, literature and social studies lessons are delivered in Turkish. Students also have the opportunity to study French, German and Spanish. The school also provides classes in arts, music, drama and physical education.

As is the hallmark of all SEV schools, one of the principal aims of the academic program at SAC is to provide students with refined critical and analytical thinking skills. To achieve this, required courses are heavily augmented by a wide variety of electives designed to foster these skills.

SAC provides the opportunity for students and teachers to further explore their passions through extracurricular programs. All students and teachers are required to participate in this program. International offerings such as Model United Nations conferences and International Schools Theater Association workshops are complemented by in-country offerings and events. These include science fairs, math competitions, music performances, and sporting events.

The focus of SAC is to create a learning community in which students can not only be the architects of their education, but also the architects of their future. A collaborative dialogue is fostered in which students and faculty can develop programs and facilities to meet the educational needs of today’s youth.

SAC’s headmaster is a native English speaker, as is approximately 77 percent of the English department.

Teaching in Turkey at SEV schools, gives the opportunity to teach in accredited elementary, middle and high schools.

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