It is my my honor to be writing to you as the Head of School at Üsküdar American Academy. We are proudly recognised as one of Turkey’s leading schools. Our outstanding reputation stretches back to the school’s foundation in 1876. We are further galvanised by our governing body, the Health & Education Foundation (founded 1968), which oversees UAA and other prominent schools in Istanbul, Izmir and Tarsus. Please visit for more information.


UAA is a selective school, for Turkish nationals, that chooses its students from the top 1% in the country. We seek to prepare our students to become effective communicators, balanced individuals, collaborative contributors, holistic thinkers and global citizens. UAA's fine students embody a solid tradition of excellence in both their strength of character and their enviable educational outcomes.


These outcomes enable them to attend the world's finest universities. These include illustrious institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford, UCL and Imperial College, as well as Turkey’s finest universities including Boğaziçi, Bilkent, Koç, METU, ITU and Sabancı. Many of our students also go on to study post-graduate degrees.


UAA's alumni hold prominent positions throughout Turkish society and being a UAA alumnus is of huge benefit due to the high standard of graduates that the school continues to produce. A UAA education is a key to success both in Turkey and on the global stage. UAA's achievement are a result of the essential triumvirate of highly committed students, supportive parents and dedicated teachers.


Our teachers are outstanding classroom practitioners who work tirelessly for the benefit of our student body. They are also highly qualified with more than 50% holding master's level degrees and 5% holding doctorates. We are always keen to add exceptional teachers to our cadre and if you would like to learn more about opportunities at UAA and the other SEV schools, please visit


We will not rest on our laurels at UAA and we have a vision of becoming one of the world's leading schools. We are united as a community in reaching this goal. While the work required will be relentless, we owe our students a world-class education and we owe our entire community a school of global repute. In conclusion, I thank you for taking the time to read this introduction and please enjoy learning more about our extraordinary school by browsing our informative website.


Sincere Regards,