Adana Life

Adana Life

Adana is one of the larger metropolitan areas of Turkey. From Tarsus, it takes 45 minutes by car to reach downtown Adana. The bus station is on the Tarsus-Adana highway and the train station is centrally located, ten minutes’ walking distance to the city hub where most of the restaurants and cafes can be found. The three main streets are called Gazipaşa, Ziyapaşa and Atatürk streets.

Shopping Malls

Optimum Outlet: A shopping mall with department stores, clothing stores, furniture stores, etc. Includes a movie theater. Close to Hilton and Sheraton, on the way to Incirlik.

METRO Grossmarket: A Costco-type store, with items sold in large quantities. Many exotic food items can also be found here. You can complete your purchase with a day’s pass. (Please do not use TAC, since the school then would end up getting a copy of the invoice sent into their Metro records even though the school did not purchase these items. Simply ask for a day’s pass).

M1 Tepe Real : A shopping mall with department stores, clothing stores, furniture stores, etc. Includes a Cinebonus movie theater

CarrefourSA (when you continue driving past the “M1 Tepe Real”, on the left): Smaller than the ‘M1 Tepe Real’ mall, it likewise has some good stores.

Movie Theaters

M1 Tepe Real (Cinebonus)

Adana Metropol

Adana Ariplex Reşatbey

Adana Ariplex Cemalpaşa

Avşar Cinema in Optimum Outlet

There are many movie theaters in Adana, and the above list contains just a few. Teacher discounts are usually available. It may be a good idea to check with the movie theaters in advance whether the movies are dubbed or subtitled in Turkish; children’s films are usually dubbed while other films are usually shown in their original language with Turkish subtitles. Again, “” is a good resource which lists the titles and times of movies being shown.

Cafés, Restaurants and Bars

There are many good restaurants and cafes in Adana, from high-end sophisticated ones to the diner-type. Below are our favorites:

Starbucks: downtown, on Ziya Pasa Boulevard (train station street)

Park Zirve Zaimoğlu / North Shields Bar: A posh restaurant/bar; expensive but beautiful views of the lake and great ‘nightlife’ atmosphere on weekend evenings. 0 322 232 91 21. There is another North Shields Bar in downtown Adana on Ziya Pasa “Bulvarı” (boulevard) (train station street).

Pasta Bahçesi: Suleyman Demirel street (world cuisine and bakery - owner is a “Le Cordon Bleu” graduate; great souffles!)

Kazancılar: located in a back street of old Adana’s shopping district, this restaurant sets out tables in the street after dark and serves great food with live music, thus creating an incredible atmosphere until the last guests go home. A truly Adanian experience!

Sercan Ocakbaşı Fish Restaurant: Excellent fish and salads, elegant environment with a view of the lake. 0322 233 91 04 Güzelyalı Mah. Süleyman Demirel Boulevard No:40

Adana Yüzevler Kebap: Local celebrity kebap place, which has branches in Istanbul. Centrally located and close to train station.

Uptown (Cafe, Bar, Restaurant) : International – with a great view of Seyhan river

Friends Restaurant: on the road to the Cukurova University Hospital campus,

Ege Balık: International and Ottoman cuisine, with a nice view of Seyhan river.

Cosecha Cafe: Meditteranean cuisine,

5 Ocak Kebap: Kebap Restaurant

Paşa Limani: Food and Restauran / Bistro and Lounge

Sante: Chinese Food

Maki Restaurant: Italian, Turkish, Breakfast and Brunch

Kahve Dünyası: Coffee, cupcakes and chocolate Cupcakes Torta Adana

Fotoğrafya (Cafe, Bar): Great atmosphere; with a patio. Serves light meals. Art gallery space upstairs. Artsy university student hangout. Located centrally, near Atatürk Cad.

Rooms Cafe: A lovely cafe in an old apartment house; beautiful shady garden patio. Great coffee but mediocre food. Go for the ambiance! One block west of Ziyapaşa, on the south end, across from the MHP building.

Mado Cafe: Real coffee and desserts and light meals. Great for people-watching. Convenient downtown location between Gazipaşa Bulvarı and Atatürk Cad.

Anemon Bar Restaurant: International gourmet cuisine,

Cafe Wien Restaurant: Italian, Mexican, Ottoman cuisine.

Jimmy Joker: Great coffees and espressos! Gazipaşa outlet and Turgut Özal Blvd. outlet

Faces: Grills and drinks in Turgut Özal Boulevard

Maki: Great coctails and ambiance. Süleyman Demirel Boulevard

Retro Balance Bar: Pub and live performance. on Turgut Özal Boulevard

Asian Food is hard to come by in Adana; however, Chibo Restaurant at the Hilton Hotel (0322 355 5000) serves Asian food on Mondays and Saturdays. There’s also a very good Chinese restaurant at Incirlik, Great Wall, across from the American Military Base, about a 15-minute drive east of Adana.

Swimming Pools

Aqualand: Has a restaurant, outdoor movie theater, mini golf course, and a bar. There is also a spa and paintball court in Aqualand.

Dağ Cenneti : Cafeteria and outdoor swimming pool

Özdemir Sabancı Indoor Swimming Pool

Hilton Hotel Swimming Pools

Seyhan Hotel Swimming Pool

Çukurova University: The Çukurova University campus is located on a beautiful piece of land with forest and amazing views of the lake. It’s a beautiful spot to walk or ride a bike; there are also cute cafes and sports facilities including an Olympic swimming pool and tennis courts, although their use by the general public may be limited. Inquiries can be made. Concerts by well-known Turkish stars in the outdoor ampitheater are another attraction.

Other Things to Do in Adana

The Sabancı Mosque, otherwise known as the ‘big’ mosque, is a must-see. Dress modestly if you plan to visit the inside (covered shoulders, no short skirts or shorts); women will be given a scarf to cover their heads when touring the interior.

Football games among local teams at the stadium in Adana are other fun events to attend. The Archeological Museum has limited opening hours and is smaller than similar museums in other cities, but is also worth a visit.